The Flower Festival, that takes place in spring when the flowers are at their best, has been one of the major attractions for both tourists and locals for a long time. This enchanting festival with a parade and floats through the streets of Funchal exhibits and perfumes the air with a multiplicity of floral species of the island, spreading a fairy tale ambiance all over the city centre. In every year’s edition each group presents their costumes accompanied with dances to a newly conceived choreography.

In the past few years a new addition was made to this event. At the ‘Largo do Colégio’ (Colégio Square) you will find the so-called ‘Wall of Hope’ – a wall where children place their own flowers with the objective of building a big flower wall symbolising the hope for a better and more peaceful world.

As part of this event there are other activities like the making of flower carpets in the streets, awarding of prizes for the best-decorated shop window, performances of traditional music groups, a flower exhibition at the ‘Ateneu Comercial’, classical music concerts and a number of variety shows.